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Human attitude and professional approach. Responsive and friendly Russian-speaking support replies to all requests within 24 hours.
We reduce the percentage of returns, the risks of receiving defects from a supplier and closing a listing or seller's account. Fair rates, transparent pricing, bonuses for new customers.
We are glad to meet new clients and do our best to make them regular!
We will replace the barcodes, carefully pack each product and ensure transportation to the storages of Amazon trading platform within one/two working days.
We carefully store your goods in the stock and send them to customers who place an order on your website or any e-commerce resource.
We will pack various types of goods in a separate container for consolidated delivery to the buyer.
A minimum of breakage! We will carefully pack glass and fragile goods in bubble wrap, which reliably protects them during transportation.
We will neatly receive, carefully place and store your goods securely in our own warehouse in the USA.
We will carefully repackage and re-ship your items to FBA Amazon or directly to your customers.
We will help you to buy out the product you are interested in without paying state tax on the purchase, thanks to the presence of the Resale Certificate. Also, upon request, we can open an account with the supplier of interest.
We have done everything to ensure that our prices are as democratic and transparent as possible.
No hidden fees!

Receiving and FNSKU labeling over 1000 units/ASIN   $0.45

Receiving and FNSKU labeling 500-999 units/ASIN      $0.65

Receiving and FNSKU labeling 200-499 units/ASIN      $0.70

Receiving and FNSKU labeling 100-199 units/ASIN      $0.75

Receiving and FNSKU labeling 21-99 units/ASIN          $0.80

Receiving and FNSKU labeling less 20 units/ASIN        $0.90

Small and Light Labeling                                                $0.35

Removal Orders

Removal orders over 1000 units/ASIN    $0.65

Removal orders 500-999 units/ASIN       $0.70

Removal orders 200-499 units/ASIN       $0.75

Removal orders 100-199 units/ASIN       $0.90

Removal orders 21-99 units/ASIN           $1.10

Removal orders less 20 units/ASIN        $1.20

Sets/Bundles 2 pcs             $1.00

Sets/Bundles 3-5 pcs          $1.20

Sets/Bundles 6-9 pcs          $1.50

Sets/Bundles 10-12 pcs      $1.75

Bubblewrap                         $0.30/linear foot

FBM Orders

FBM Order 1 box $2.00

Additional unit in order          +$0.30

Small Box                              $1.50

Large Box                             $2.50

Bubble/Polly Mailers             $1.50

Purchase shipping label (USPS / Fedex / UPS ) $2.00 + shipping cost


Buyout goods $300-500               5%

Buyout goods $500-1000             4%

Buyout goods above $1000          3%

Additional services

Hourly rate                                               $30

3 photo                                                     $5

Set of photo for open a category             $20

Storage per month

Pallet                $25

Box                   $5


Acceptance and processing         $2.00


Forward 1 boxes                               $3.00

Any unexpected delivery without notice                            fee x2

Oversize & Overweight (over 8x14x18in over 8lb)           fee x2

Receiving pallets                                                              $10

Shipping by pallets                                                           $20
We work with payment systems Payoneer and PayPal
I would like to thank DM Prep Center for their excellent service, individual approach to customer needs and reasonable prices. For example, I can say that I initially considered cooperation exclusively in cutting lower prices for a number of prepcentre services I am interested in (compared to previous experience), and also the possibility of buying goods from those interested in wholesale of these companies. But, it suddenly turned out to me that the location of the center turned out to be another factor that had an impact on the reduction of money and time of delivery of goods to Amazon warehouses. Since the beginning of the cooperation, almost every shipment, Amazon distributes it into one warehouse, which is only 60 miles from the prep center, which is very, very pleasing. Also, can't help but enjoy some of the nice moments when Alexander suddenly dropped off my goods on Saturday, in a personal car, to the local UPS, and on Monday the goods already arrived at the Amazon warehouse! Special thanks to him again for what! I have not forgotten ! ) So, after 4 months of work, so far only positive working moments and positive emotions. Thank you!
I have been working with the preparatory processing center for a long time! Very pleased: high quality reception and processing of the goods, everything is clear and fast, they make photo reports. I actively use the service to buy goods from wholesale suppliers. On request they opened the necessary suppliers for me, on request they contacted them on my behalf. Any questions are solved in the shortest time. The location is wonderful, close to the Amazon MDW2 Joliet, IL warehouse, respectively, the product arrives - accepted and ordered to sell. Alexander will always tell you how to do the best and right thing and what to pay attention to. Have saved me more than once! I highly recommend it guys!
Definitely recommend for cooperation! Accepts refunds, assesses the condition of the product, provides a photo report if necessary. Quickly processing orders and sending goods to customers from their warehouse. The price is much lower than others. I recommend it!
Price is great, vendors open, processing goods for OA, 70 miles to nearest Amazon warehouse, which speeds up receiving goods. Highly recommend!
They work with glass, dimensions, hazmat. Near the Amazon warehouses.
Accept returns, open categories.
Focus on sales and marketing, leaving all the routine to the professionals!

We will be happy to provide detailed advice and discuss all the details. Contact us!
We are easy to find.
Just 40 minutes from Amazon warehouse